This Anonymous Email Account Allows You to Release Repressed Rage

 - Jul 29, 2014
References: & jezebel
Leak is an anonymous email service that gives you the opportunity to tell your friends, family, neighbors and colleagues what you're really thinking -- sans consequences.

The Leak moral code states that the service should be used for good -- think compliments and declarations of love -- rather than evil, but how feasible is that, really? People enjoy reaping the benefits of complimenting others; meanwhile, concealing someone's identity is like giving them a free pass to air out their snarky internal commentary. Because you can definitely compliment Cynthia on her blouse, but you sure as hell can't tell her that her constant mouth-breathing might send you to an early grave.

Overall, the Leak anonymous email service is perfect for days when another passive-aggressive comment through gritted teeth might send you over the edge.