AnonTalk is a Window Into the Depths of Unfiltered Human Thoug

 - Mar 22, 2009
References: anontalk & rabble
AnonTalk is a free, completely anonymous message board that lets you ask questions and participate in discussions about topics that range from perverse sexuality to movie plot spoilers. The existence of such a service begs the question: What would you ask if you could be completely anonymous?

I'd argue that with the use of vague usernames, it's already fairly easy to remain anonymous on the Internet. AnonTalk takes this one step further, however, with posts that are submitted using a randomly-generated 32-character alphanumberic username. Naturally, the creator of AnonTalk wishes to remain anonymous and declined to identify him or herself in an e-mail interview with

While it's sites like AnonTalk that give fodder to critics who think of the Internet as a corrupt Petri dish of human depravity, these anonymous message boards are also excellent places to study the human psyche. As individuals, what are we most interested in discussing when all aspects of our identity are removed? In this way, AnonTalk and other message boards like it are essentially the opposite of social networking sites. What do you think?