The Animeyed Series Showcases a Woman Sharing Her Eye with Creatures

 - Jan 22, 2016
References: & mymodernmet
Hungarian artist Flóra Borsi recently unveiled this clever photography series titled 'Animeyed.' The hybrid series features self-portraits of Borsi sharing the right side of her face with an animal. The series’ title is a direct reflection of the images as each photograph shows the left side of her face, while the right side -- including her eye -- is concealed by the perfect placement of an animal.

The collection of images utilizes the characteristics of each animal to create a cohesive photograph. Borsi uses the color of the animal to alter the background, her hair, her skin and her eye color. For example, the first image shows her facing the camera head-on. Her left eye is a piercing blue color to match the profile image of a black cat, which covers a majority of her right hand side. The background of this image is black and her hair is pulled back by a headband that features two cat ears.

The Animeyed series showcases the artist's creativity and undeniable talent using a camera and editing skills. Among the other images, the artist incorporates a green snake, a white dove and an orange goldfish.