Cute Little Cash People Show You the Money Shot

 - May 8, 2009
References: theworldsbestever
We’ve featured money shots before, but this animated money people video, called Bontrust: Increase in Currency (Money Love), takes entertaining bills to a whole new level… and quite a naughty one at that!

Using the slogan, "Make Your Money Multiply With Us", Bontrust’s creative agency came up with a very edgy commercial. In addition to animated money people doing, well, what you need to do to multiply people, the commercial includes architecture like bridges made of bills and details like origami birds made of money.

"When the agency came to us with the idea to show the increase of money on the international market in connection with some kind of sexual relation, we were very enthusiastic," the YouTube description reads. "No doubt, we had to do this!

"The goal was to create a world completely made out of banknotes and explicit characters that stood for themselves."

Check out the incredible Softimage XSI video featuring 3D Lincoln, Mao and "the unknown lady" made of money… making more money.