Sliced Paper Animal Skeletons Reveal their Daily Snacking Habits

Artist Wendy Wallin Malinow reveals the secret snacking habits of various animals through her paper cutouts of animal skeletons.

Modeled in the style of classic X-Rays, the paper artwork exposes the interiors of critters such as bears, bunnies and wolves and the foods they eat such as honey comb, carrots and steak respectively. Using a cutout technique allows the artist to layer her skeletal designs, so that each layer can feature complex detailing that adds depth and dimension to the 2D images. She also makes pop cultural references such as Silvester with a Tweety skull in his belly and a Whale with a human curled up inside invoking the biblical story of Jonah.

Malinow’s Bone-A-Day project featuring animal skeletons enlightens us about creatures and their favorite snacks.