From Helpful Everyday Infographics to Shoulder-Mounted Smartphone Clips

 - Mar 4, 2013
Today's top trends of the day focus on convenience and making day-to-day life more seamless and simple; we see this in helpful everyday infographics and tech products that hone in on specific daily activities.

From the infographic that tracks how Australians make the most of their money and to the infographic that outlines the many ways Liberal Arts university degrees can in fact land you a job in today's market, today's top trends offer valuable tips.

Tech products like the shoulder-mounted smartphone clip from Vyne free up your hands for more important things during the day -- like eating your lunch -- while still allowing you to monitor the activity on the screen of your mobile device.

To ensure your workout doesn't get interrupted by a loose shoe lace, check out the Shoe Lace Anchor, a device created to tie the perfect and most secure bow.

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