'Isabeau D'anjou Larmes De Aguillon' Stars Model Veronica Pecoraro

The Isabeau D'anjou Larmes De Aguillon photo series is full of dark mystery and exotic mystique. As though set in an apocalyptic future, the scenes have a bluish tinge that signals times of trials and tribulations. The fashion showcased throughout accentuates this sci-fi quality by way of dramatic silhouettes, metallic accents and an overall earthy palette. Not to mention that the ancient-looking stonewall backdrop is very Mayan.

Shot by photographer Andrea Micelo Rovito with styling and art direction by Chiara Caputo, the Isabeau D'anjou Larmes De Aguillon photo series is quite beautiful to behold. Starring model Veronica Pecoraro as a sole survivor, or perhaps a new world goddess by the looks of her rich wardrobe, the photoshoot toggles between fierce and powerful as well as fragile and tender.