These Animal Hybrids Mix the Cuteness of a Dog with the Size of a Bird

 - Nov 25, 2013
References: sadanduseless & designtaxi
Animal hybrids reflects man’s desire to combine the best attributes of two or more disparate species in order to create something superior.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you dirds; a dog/bird hybrid combining the loyalty and facial features of a dog with the size and wings of a bird. Surprisingly enough, these animal hybrid photographs are quite cute once one gets over their initial shock. As one photo shows, when you apply the same principle in reverse and put the head of a bird onto that of a dog, the results are horrifying.

Animal hybrids have long been at the forefront of human mythologies. From the sphinx of ancient Egypt all the way to the liger in Napoleon Dynamite, I’m just not sure if world is ready for dirds.