Daniel Sueiras Animal Design Paintings Redefine the Animal Kingdom

 - Feb 26, 2013
References: danielsueiras & unknowneditors.tumblr
Animals posing as humans and printed with a different animal design than we are used to seeing creates a surreal collection of paintings that redefines reality.

Spanish painter Daniel Sueiras plays with colors, animal prints as well as human aesthetics to create a new breed of hybrid animals that are quite bizarre. The winged pig is a consistent image used in metaphors because of how weird it would be if a fat pig could be lifted off the ground by delicate feathers. This series continues that idea with a zebra-striped pig, a bumble bee sheep, a leopard-spotted bulldog and also a human with the crown and wattle of a rooster.

The unusual animal design ideas presented by Daniel Sueiras explore the connections and differences between various species of planet life.