The Anger Room Lets Customers Let Out Frustrations in Controlled Environment

 - Sep 27, 2012
References: angerroom & neatorama
Everyone has had those bad days where they just wanted to break something or, sadly enough, someone; the Anger Room allows people to channel these disruptive emotions in a controlled environment. By doing so, they effectively let out some of their frustrations.

Essentially, the Anger Room is made to look like a typical workplace, kitchen or living room so that people can imaginatively recreate, and thus release, the situation that caused the fury in the first place. The Anger Room also comes complete with breakable items such as mannequins, TVs and tables. People are offered a selection of baseball bats, golf clubs, tennis rackets, crowbars and more to lash out with.

Founded by Donna Alexander, the Anger room is located in a strip mall in Dallas, Texas.