This Android Wear Update Allows For Voice Control With Your Smartwatch

The new Android Wear update will feature some much-needed accessories and add-ons to Google's operating system for smartwatches.

The highlight of the new feature package will be the ability for you to make phone calls on your watch, something the Samsung Gear S2 and the Apple Watch are more than capable of doing. This particular feature is designed specifically for Android Wear watches that have built-in speakers. With the speaker feature activated, you can do things such as instruct your device (by voice) to send a WhatsApp message to a specific recipient for example.

Currently this includes the Huawei Watch and Asus ZenWatch 2 only, but expect that roster to expand thanks to the new Android Wear package. Voice control has long been a staple of regular smartphones, and this Android Wear accessory ensures that it soon becomes a staple in smartwatches as well.