The 'Ancient Origins of Plastic Surgery' Infographic is Historic

 - Jun 9, 2012
References: realself & infographicsite
The 'Ancient Origins of Plastic Surgery' infographic is a neat look at the history of modern day procedures that many are shelling out thousands of dollars to undergo.

Cosmetic surgery actually dates back to Egyptian times in 1213 BC. Since it was believed that physical features were traits you took over into the afterlife, it was essential in Egyptian culture to look like yourself to be recognized. The first known form of plastic surgery was the nose-job on Ramses II, an Egyptian King.

It wasn't until the Romans that plastic surgery for the sole sake of physical enhancement was created. Today, the statistics on cosmetic surgery stand at over 1.6 million people totalling over $10.1 billion in procedures performed. Furthermore, 40% of people undergoing plastic surgery had already had a procedure, making it one of the more addictive industries.