'Anatomy of An Apple Rumor' Documents the Evolution the Company

 - Oct 2, 2011
References: holykaw.alltop
If you've ever wondered where all those crazy iPhone 5 stories crystallized, this 'Anatomy of An Apple Rumor' infographic will help shed a light on the technological rumor-mill.

For the past couple of months the Internet has been inundated with speculation about the newest member of the iPhone family. Everything from obscure sources in Taiwan to bored Photoshop artists are to blame for the mess of misinformation or prematurely leaked stats that dominate blogs all over the webisphere. Simple and direct, this infographic made by the PC lovers over at PC Mag, give you an unflattering look at the overexcited Apple nerds everywhere.

Although, Apple often feigns disinterest in these stories, the company has to appreciate all the free hype and publicity that the expected launch of any of their future products seems to attract. These whispers of what's coming manipulate the emotions of devote Mac followers, sending them into a tizzy of excitement only to learn later that what they believed was nothing more than a product of the vivid imagination of a sexless basement-dwelling forty-year-old.

The Anatomy of An Apple Rumor infographic will have PC fanatics in stitches over the frenzied antics of Mac lovers, while encouraging Apple fiends to take a long hard look at their ridiculous antics.