Ana Bagayan Paints Wide-Eyed Children in Dream-Like Depictions

 - Jan 14, 2012
References: & artforadults.tumblr
Looking at the beautiful renderings of Ana Bagayan truly makes viewers forget about their worries.

The illustrations have such a magnetic quality about them that you can’t help but devote your focus solely to these images once you’ve laid your eyes on them. Perhaps this connection is established between viewer and artwork because of Bagayan’s penchant for rendering large life-like eyes on her subjects that peer directly at audiences. Or maybe it’s the innocence of the children in each depiction that makes people gravitate towards Bagayan’s work. Whatever it is, one thing for sure is that Ana Bagayan is a remarkably talented artist.

Other signature elements found within Bagayan’s illustrations are her pairing of youths with wildlife, the doll-like proportions of her subjects and an ineffable surreal quality to her images.