Control Your Poo With A Surgically Implanted On/Off Switch

 - Feb 17, 2007   Updated: Aug 11 2011
References: blog.wired
Currently being tested in cats, scientists are working on neural implants called 'microstimulators' that will allow people with spinal-cord injuries to control their bladder function. These implants will give warnings when the bladder is getting full and will also allow patients to decide when they will urinate.

Although still under development, this breakthrough gives hope to those who have suffered a spinal-cord injury, as it will put them one step closer normal, functioning in their everyday lives.

Implications - These implants that are still developing will allow patients to control how and when they need to use the bathroom, and will even give warnings about the fullness of their bladers. This will be particularly useful for those with spinal chord injuries, who are severely burdened by their lack of bladder control.