'An Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments' Finds Humor in Silly Fights

 - Sep 20, 2013
References: bookofbadarguments & visualnews
Benjamin Starr came across 'An Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments' where animals are used to illustrate misleading arguments with characters. Programmer Ali Almossawi and illustrator Alejandro Giaraldo create the book with hilarious examples of fallacies that many of us can relate to.

Topics such as being guilty by association, appeal to fear, appeal to hypocrisy and more are outlined within the clever book. The drawings are simple with no color added, making the arguments clear and the attention focused on the meaning rather the actual illustrations themselves.

Different animals are used to explain each argument allowing hilarious characters to appear on every page. 'An Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments' is perfect for a sibling, parent or friend where you can then argue about why you gave them this humorous gift.