The Amphibious House By Chuta Sinthuphan Rises with the Tides

Chuta Sinthuphan's Amphibious House is inspired by the traditional Thai houses from Southern Thailand that are built on rafts. The house's design aims to keep inhabitants safe and dry when the sea levels rise.

"The house sits on an undercarriage made of buoyancy tanks that sit in a depression under the house, keeping the house close to the ground, so that it doesn't look out of context." The house and its inhabitants are kept safe, sturdy and dry "by slip columns that let the house travel up and down with the water level."

In addition to these element-enduring characteristics, the Amphibious House is also self-efficient as it includes solar panels, rainwater harvesting and turbines. The Amphibious House is built using prefabricated panels with steel framing, making for a lightweight but surprisingly sturdy design.