The Amoeba Headset Records Biometric Data to Analyzes Interest

 - Apr 22, 2014
References: sanyarai & psfk
The Amoeba Headset might look like an artistic version of the Google Glass and for good reason. It records biometric data such as breathing rate, pupil dilation and skin conductance in order to analyze the digital content that a person browses while wearing it. By assessing the user's interest in such content, the Amoeba Headset aims to help them navigate through digital data easier and more intuitively.

Designed by Sanya Rai, Florian Puech and Carine Collé, all students of the Royal College of Art and Imperial College, the Amoeba Headset could be used in a number of ways. Psfk writes, "One of the potential applications for the device is measuring how ads or campaigns impact consumers. Another application is assessing students’ engagement in online education programs." Many businesses will want their hands on the Amoeba Headset.