The AMG Veilla 12 Handcrafted Turntable is Luxurious

Music is your true passion? Being an individual is your mantra? Then the AMG Veilla 12 Handcrafted Turntable is the perfect way to put your money where your mouth is. Starting at $16,500, this music player is an audiophile’s dream.

Created by the German company Analog Manufaktur Germany (AMG) with designer Werner Roeschlau as the driving force of the team, these bad boys are handcrafted and luxurious. The company, with over a decade of experience, boosts that the "turntable line was created by a group of audio industry experts to advance the art of vinyl playback," according to its site.

The turntable’s base is a slab of aluminium, however the company’s metalworking technique takes the machine to a whole new decadent level. Visually stunning, the wooden trim is optional, but if you are spending the money anyways, I suggest you go big or go home. The turntable is the perfect statement piece for a true music lover.