This Decadent Apple Dessert is a Fun Twist on America’s Favorite Pie

 - Jul 6, 2015
References: bustle
This clever recipe takes America’s favorite pie and turns it into a delicious deep-fried dessert. While it may not be the healthiest snack, this dish is sure to impress everyone at your next Independence Day party.

The recipe is surprisingly simple to make, but it does require the use of a deep fryer. To begin, you will need empanada wrappers, two eggs, apple pie filling and some powdered sugar. Start by filling your empanada wrappers with a generous helping of apple pie filling. Then coat the edges of the wrappers with an egg wash. Fold the wrappers over and seal them with the sides of a fork. Toss the miniature pies into the deep fryer for about two minutes. After removing them from the deep fryer, sprinkle with a dusting of powdered sugar. The end result is a delicious deep-fried version of America’s favorite pie.