'American Gothic High' is a Groovy Interpretation of a Classic Painting

 - Sep 11, 2013
References: stevesimpson & behance.net
‘American Gothic High’ is Steve Simpson’s reinterpretation of Grant Wood’s classic American Gothic painting for the Hemp edition of 420 Magazine. Simpson wanted to re-imagine the father-daughter farming duo of the original into a cooler, hemp-farming pair.

Simpson states that he tried not to deviate too much from the original, opting to make a recognizable, albeit groovy version. The biggest change, he notes, is the switch from a traditional 3-prong farming fork to 7-prong fork. He did this in order to evoke the image of a cannabis leaf.

This re-imagining of Wood’s painting is extremely interesting, with the woman updated with a floral wreath, the man with a hippie-inspired beard, and both parties in some rad-looking sunglasses. Overall, this is a really fun and inspired spin on a well-known classic that fits in perfectly with the content of the magazine.