The American Express Farmville Card Rewards Gamers for Spending

 - May 24, 2012
References: geekosystem & technabob
The American Express Farmville card is the first pre-paid credit card to turn real-world spending into video game cash. The card is part of the company's Serve rewards system, offering in-game rewards for in-game cash through purchases. Specifically, $63 of in-game money is offered upon signup, and $50 of in-game money is rewarded after five purchases totaling $25 or more are made.

In order to activate the American Express Farmville card, gamers must plant a special Serve tree on their farm. The tree is more of a billboard, and serves as a great in-game advertisement for Amex. This collaboration is the first of its kind, but don't be shocked to see other credit card companies follow suit. Subtle and indirect advertising like this is becoming increasingly popular. Farmville may soon be filled with special Frosted Flakes tigers and Quaker Oatmeal NPCs.