Amazon Fulfillment Web Service

 - Mar 28, 2008
References: blog.seattlepi.nwsource
If you've finally hatched a killer idea and developed the great product, one of the most frustrating parts can be figuring out what the do with all your merchandise until it's sold. That's where Amazon is stepping in, with a new service to help businesses with warehousing and shipping.

You can ship anything to Amazon Fulfillment Web Service and they'll warehouse and process it for you. They even let you maintain brand integrity by give you the chance to customize the packing slips on Amazon's boxes.

"Amazon FWS allows you to manage all aspects of inbound and outbound fulfillment activity," they describe.

"The service provides a variety of inventory management tools and allows you to designate which orders Amazon should fulfill, giving you the flexibility to use as much or as little of the underlying Fulfillment by Amazon service as you want. Amazon FWS also supports multi-channel selling by enabling you to sell products simultaneously on your own sites as well as on - with Amazon fulfilling both channels."

It's especially helpful to people working from home who have huge ideas, but don't have the gigantic storage space to accompany it.