Amazon BookSurge

 - Mar 28, 2008
References: booksurge & publishersweekly
Amazon's BookSurge has been getting a lot of buzz, as it could potentially change the print-on-demand industry.

BookSurge allows anyone to ship them their books, Amazon will warehouse them and then sell and ship them through the site.

"According to talks with several pod houses, BookSurge has told them that unless their titles are printed by BookSurge, the buy buttons on Amazon for their titles will be disabled," Publishers Weekly says.

Amazon describes their service as, "Complete publishing, inventory-free fulfillment and online distribution services for independent publishing. Whether your book is in ready-to-print PDF format or a working draft requiring editing, illustration, or formatting, we provide services to create your desired book and the tools to distribute your books cost effectively."

Sounds great for aspiring authors, but it's going to hurt other print-on-demand services.

"It's now saying that it won't sell books from competing print-on-demand shops, requiring anyone who wants to do print-on-demand to use Amazon's (more expensive) service," TechDirt reinforces.

No wonder Amazon is at the forefront of the world of ebusiness; with all the innovations they're rolling out, and new rules being put into place, it's hard for anyone to complete!

'The move signals that Amazon is intent on using its position as the premier online bookseller to strengthen its presence in other phases of bookselling and manufacturing," the WSJ says. "Amazon is one of the biggest booksellers in the U.S., with a market share publishing experts estimate to be about 15%."