Zach King Pokes Fun at Amazon Air Delivery with an Amazon Rocket

 - Dec 6, 2013
References: thenextweb
Amazon recently announced its development of Amazon Air drones, which aim to revolutionize the process of online shopping by delivering small parcels within 30 minutes or less.

This hilarious spoof from ‘FinalCutKing’ on YouTube pokes fun at Amazon Prime Air with an aerial delivery system that’s even faster — Amazon Rockets. Zach King poses as Amazon’s "Head of Delivery" to describe that the rockets will fly overhead and safely parachute packages to houses below within five minutes. Like Amazon Prime, Zach points out that its Amazon Rockets are not yet without flaws.

Zach gets the Amazon mentality down to a tee, noting that even though burning a ton of rocket fuel is not sustainable, the bottom line is that the customer always comes first.