Alternative Perspectives 2 by Randy Scott Slavin is Dizzying

 - Mar 14, 2014
References: randyscottslavin & mymodernmet
The Alternative Perspectives 2 photo series depicts a world that has gone completely topsy turvy. Yet no rabbit hole was involved in this shift in reality. Instead people have the magic of Photoshop to thank for this surreal scenes. Although ultimately picturesque, they have been warped in such a way that a person could get dizzy just looking at them.

Shot by Randy Scott Slavin, a photographer based in New York City, the Alternative Perspectives 2 photo series shifts the viewers perspective in a variety of ways. Whether creating a vortex-like effect or playing with depth perception, the landscapes in the Alternative Perspectives 2 photo series are manipulated in ways that accentuate the details of each scene. Prints are available for purchase on his website.