The Snow2 by Recon Instruments Implements Safety Tech on the Slopes

 - Nov 19, 2013
References: reconinstruments & engadget
Safety has now reached a new altitude on the slopes with the Snow2 by Recon Instruments. These HUD display goggles have been revised and improved to implement safety features within its computerized vision. Using these high-tech goggles, you will know and see everything before it happens. With advanced rear-view cameras and radar detectors, safety is no longer an issue.

It contains a new dual-core CPU, WIFI connectivity, longer battery life at about 35 percent, and improved graphics. It also displays faster performance with accurate statistics, friend locator, app integration, and a virtual slope navigator. They are made for iPhone with best performance but is compatible with Android devices. These goggles prevent obstruction when going down the slopes at high speeds. Its definitely a major improvement from the last HUD released by Recon Instrumentals available at $400.