8 Ft Wide, 4 Story Home

 - May 10, 2008
References: archinect & gadgettastic
This very creative four-story Alley House is cleverly integrated between the walls of two buildings in Antwerp, Belgium.

Although the distance between the two structures was only 2.4 meters (7'10") wide, the architects were able to see it as a unique experience to flex their design skills. The bottom floor is the designated office space, the dining floor is above it, lounging and living area is on the second floor, the bedroom is on the third, and the roof the ideal place to take in the city view.

The street-facing side is covered only by glass, so unless they want their private life on display, I would suggest using the opportunity to pick out some really hip curtains.

Small-space living has become a necessity for many people choosing to reside in urban centers, and people are coming up with some pretty creative solutions. In addition, it's getting increasingly expensive to live in the core, so the ultimate solution seems to be small and cheap while not sacrificing chic.