Alien Puppy Chair Brings an Odd Modern Twist to the Rocking Horse

 - Oct 4, 2012
We know and love the iconic rocking horse that has survived generation after generation. The Alien Puppy Chair might appear to be a dramatic mutation of the original, yet the concept has been evolving for years.

This isn't to say that Yunfan Tan's reinvention of Eero Aarnio's original doggy design isn't unique. The peculiar piece flaunts an unusual eight legs, a rather Shrek-like set of antennae and a range of vibrant and synthetic colors such as neon green.

The proposal seems to present a collection of various sizes of oscillating pooches. Children are invited to take a seat on the back of the animal, as if they are to mount a horse, and they can sway back and forth on the Alien Puppy Chair across each of the four pairs of feet.