The Egg 51 Dish Serves Up an Extraterrestrial Spread for Breakfast

 - Feb 24, 2015
References: mnkbusiness & yankodesign
The designer of this alien egg cup had a bit of fun with the fact that this sort of dish needs only to be quite simple. A rounded base to delicately hold your shelled edible meets the most basic criteria, so a more elaborate overall design was certainly something that could be expanded upon.

For Monkey Business, Itamar Burstein came up with an imaginative form, inspired by a UFO. The shape of a flying saucer embraces the egg, elevating it from the kitchen table on a stabilizing tripod. The name, Egg 51, is a pun that's based on the location in Nevada known as Area 51. Associated with a slew of conspiracy theories about life on other planets visiting Earth, this alien egg cup is a clever and practical artifact of contemporary culture.