Alexander Dragunov Documents the World's Longest Art Exhibit

 - Feb 26, 2013
References: adragunov & enpundit
Photographer Alexander Dragunov took a trip to Stockholm where he snapped a number of shots of the world's longest art exhibit, but the installations were found in a rather unusual spot: in the subway.

With every single station in the entire city participating, the massive collection of art installations totals almost 110 kilometers of artwork. The designs range from being modular and contemporary to being rather in-tune with the fact that the exhibits are being experienced in a subterranean setting.

The entire set of photographs by Dragunov isn't just simply art capturing art, but a truly overwhelming experience because of the emotions it can conjure. Personally, I didn't think the shots were real until reading in-depth. What's more amazing is that the world's largest art exhibit is entirely underground; who would've thought?