Alex Cherny Captures the Stars from Dusk to Dawn

 - Jul 7, 2011
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Wishing upon a star is made easy through this fantastic collection of photos coming from the brilliant astronomer and photographer Alex Cherny of Victoria, Australia. The photos were recently awarded an astrophotography award. The magnificent shots allow you to join in and explore the Australian landscape that serves as the backdrop for the light of the Milky Way and its movement from day to night.

It isn’t often that people even get to see stars, since most live or work in cities and never get to see a sight quite as breathtaking as Alex Cherny was able to capture. Within the 31 hours that the photos were taken, the interactions between the clouds, stars and the ocean shore line changed dramatically. The rhythm and movement almost create a nightfall dance. This stunning photography proves that sometimes, beauty is just a glance away.