These Alcoholics Anonymous Resumes Speak to Those Involved

 - Aug 26, 2016
References: & designboom
Pedro Coelho, an art director, collaborated with an artist based in Brazil named Diego Limbert to create a series of creative resumes that imagine members of Alcoholics Anonymous applying for a job to help someone else in need.

Alcoholics Anonymous reportedly asked Pedro Coelho to complete the project as a means of highlighting the lonely struggle that many fighting addiction have to deal with. Along with each faceless portrait are phrases that consider this theme, with the words "I've been called a drunk, a bum and a monster. There's nobody better to call" shown next to one dark illustration.

Meanwhile, another states "History of aggression? Check. Experienced an alcoholic coma? Check. Strong desire to die? Check. With a resume like mine, it's easy to help you." With this campaign, Alcoholics Anonymous drives the message that with its services, people can find others who will understand them. Photo Credits: designboom,