This Minimal CD Covers are Made from Industrial Materials

 - Jan 14, 2016
References: & dezeen
The Tokyo-based design studio 'Spread' recently developed unique album packaging for a popular Japanese band. Although CDs are not as popular as they were a decade ago, many consumers still prefer buying physical albums because of the visual experience it offers. These quirky CD covers demonstrate that album art can be just as creative as the music inside.

The industrial album packaging was created for the Japanese rock band 'Soutaiseiriron' and their Jeff Mills-produced track 'Spectrum.' The CD casing is made from solid metal, with a hollowed out section for the disc to sit inside. To keep the record in place, there is a single metal bolt attached to the center of the package. A circular cover is also included to protect the disc from any damage.

While it may seem unusual to put so much effort into a CD cover in a download-centric era, the unique packaging demonstrates that there is still value in physical records.