The Alan Turing Monopoly Game Celebrates the Turing Test

The Alan Turing Monopoly game celebrates the 100th birthday of the father of the Turing Test by dedicating a special version of the famous board game to highlight the importance and impact Alan Turing had in his life.

A British mathematician most famously known for his assistance in working for the British government during WWII to decipher German codes, Alan Turing also created a test which is used to determine whether a machine has or can imitate human behaviour and characteristics. This sparked a lot of debate and is still mentioned in many debates today regarding the existence of artificial intelligence.

To eulogize his contributions, the game board contains unreleased photos of the code breaker’s family. As players move throughout the board, they can retrace the steps of his life, as well as discover his favorite locations. As an added bonus, the box includes a copy of the original hand-drawn Monopoly board that Alan Turing once played on.