Akram Zaatari Photography Shows the Narrative of Queer Couples

 - Sep 22, 2012
References: tate.org.uk & itsnicethat
This selection of Akram Zaatari photography is not only interesting to look at, it also contains deep stories that make viewers think about the work, even after they have left the exhibit. Zaatari founded the Arab Image Foundation in 1997. His deep roots in thinking about Arab image led him to focus his work on that topic.

Zaatari found photos from North Africa, the Middle East and Arabic communities and from those chose photos that deal with the line between private and public life. Photos of intimate moments between same-sex couples are featured prominently because public interaction between men and women who were not married was frowned upon if they were not married in the Arab world.

The thought-provoking and lively pictures are showing at the Liverpool Biennial.