This Advanced Turboprop Engine Features 35 Percent 3D-Printed Parts

 - Nov 8, 2016
References: geaviation & newatlas
General Electric Aviation has gone ahead and developed an exceptionally high-tech airplane engine that is unique in that over a third of its parts are 3D-printed.

In addition to being a great demonstration of the utility of 3D-printing in aviation engineering, this Advanced Turboprop engine also benefits from a fuel efficiency boost as well as 5 percent savings in terms of weight. The airplane engine was developed in an exceptionally short time frame due to the fact that 3D-printing components can be prototyped faster. What's more, the end result features a more streamlined design that allows for easier repair and maintenance.

Speedy in development as well as performance, this Advanced Turboprop engine shows the increasing importance of modern 3D printing technologies in the world of aircraft engine design.