Aikuchi Swords Fuse Traditional and Modern Design Sensibilities

 - Mar 21, 2014
References: & designboom
The Aikuchi is a small, short-handled sword that is considered the epitome of traditional Japanese craftsmanship. Tokyo-based design studio WOW is collaborating with Australian designer Marc Newson to produce a collection of ten Aikuchi swords that combine traditional Japanese aesthetic sensibilities with innovative design approaches.

The project came about due to studio WOW's desire to incorporate a modern design and a global appeal to a traditional symbol of Japanese culture.

The Aikuchi does not incorporate a lower guard and is therefore considered to be more of a lucky charm or decorative piece than an actual weapon. The term 'aikuchi' implies tight coupling between the sword's blade, handle and scabbard.

The swords will be created entirely in the town of Tohoku, Japan.

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