The First Ah/Ok Line Displays a Variety of Prints on Opulent Fabrics

 - May 7, 2015
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The first Ah/Ok line represents the breakout fashion debut from designers Claudia Carieri and Francesca Errani. The duo is based in Milan and Como, now home to this stunning display of chic silk pieces.

Prior to launching the Ah/Ok label, Carieri and Errani painted a series of looks via acrylic paints. With no particular plan established, the two then produced this series of upscale kimonos, scarves and headbands.

This collection's preference for artistic displays of style is evident in each one of these pieces. Large circular patterns and angular shapes speak to an evident love for brush strokes and attention to detail. In the interest of shoppers, many of these items are versatile. The headbands double as scarves, while the kimonos can be worn backwards if desired.