This New App Predicts the Aftermath of Global Warming

 - Aug 10, 2015
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'Field Notes' is a new app that visualizes the aftermath of global warming in different cities around the world. While the public has become more aware of climate change in recent years, it can be difficult to understand exactly how our environment will be impacted by this phenomenon. The Field Notes app makes it easier to visualize the effects of global warming by showing users exactly what their town will look like in the near future.

To use the app, simply input your city and Field Notes will show you the aftermath of global warming on your area. The app will show you how the temperature will change, how close the nearest earthquake zone is and how the soil will be altered. Beyond predicting future conditions, the app also highlights current damage caused by climate change.

The goal behind Field Notes is to encourage climate change discussions among the general public and give people a more tangible outlook on future environmental conditions.