This Advent Calendar Book Shares a Fun 'ChristMESS ADVENTure' for Kids

The personalized 'ChristMESS ADVENTure' advent calendar book offers a highly interactive way for kids to count down the days in December and enjoy a healthy alternative to traditional chocolate-filled Christmas countdowns.

The personalized, interactive storybook is designed to give kids the chance to discover a daily surprise as they embark on a daily journey to save Christmas from The Mess Monster. On the pages of the book, kids will find plenty of peelable stickers and spots for kids to scribble on—with each scribble added contributing something more to the story. The advent calendar book for kids also includes tons of fun activities, such as word searches and spot-the-difference drawings.

While the majority of advent calendars for kids and adults alike are centered around consumption, this unique alternative helps kids celebrate the season through creation.