Team Building Through Music

 - Jan 18, 2008
References: leagueofrock & leagueofrock
There's a strong trend with adults who are pulling their guitars out from under their beds and in their closets. They're dusting off the instruments and going back to playing, jamming and getting into bands.

These grown up rockers were there in 1969 when classic rock was invented. Many of them are fabulous musicians who simply made the choice to have families and build careers. These doctors, lawyers, bay street brokers and other affluent business people don't need the money, don't need the fame, and don't want the groupies. They just want to play.

In Canada they're joining the League Of Rock, Canada's only premier Rock & Roll Dream Camp. As these aging rockers look to join bands, famous rock stars and professional musicians are looking to slow down and get off the road. They want to keep busy and stay in touch with their audiences, but don't want to be touring 365 days a year. The League Of Rock is bringing these two communities together in a powerful new way, and both are loving the experience.

Companies are using the League to produce music-based team building events where participants finally get the chance to write and perform with famous rockers. In Canada the League Of Rock is bringing famous rockers together with companies which can afford the cost and want to boost morale, foster creativity and bring the spirit of rock and roll into their environments.

The music industry is finally crashing together with traditional business and the sparks are flying.