The AdlensFocuss Glasses' Focus Can Be Switched By Twisting a Dial

 - Jun 26, 2015
References: adlensfocuss & gizmag
The AdlensFocuss glasses are glasses whose focus can be adjusted by simply twisting a small dial on the arm. These glasses are intended as a more convenient alternative to bifocals. So rather than having to look through a different area of your lens or tilting your head forwards and backwards, you can simply adjust the focus of your lenses by twisting a dial.

The underlying technology is referred to as 'Variable Power Optics' and it provides four times the viewing area of the very best no-line bifocals. As a result, these AdlensFocuss glasses provide an experience similar to wearing regular single vision glasses, but with a much greater focal range.

These glasses will surely appeal to anyone annoyed with the inconvenience of wearing bifocal eyewear.