The Adjustable Lighting on This Lamp Adapts to Various Situations

 - Jun 17, 2016
References: & yankodesign
This lamp allows for adjustable lighting that prevents disruptions to the human body's biorhythms.

Aimed to elevate people's moods, the lamp is described by its company 'Heavn' as "visual caffeine," -- and so was appropriately named 'The Caffeine.' By adapting to the body's biorhythm which is essentially a way to describe the body's natural cycles and patterns, this adjustable lighting simulates blue spectrum light that mimics the mood-boosting powers of the sun. The lamp also has two other modes for the user -- a work mode and a relax mode that uses blue lighting and warm lighting respectively.

By adjusting to the needs of the busy worker, this lamp not only acts as a mood booster but a productivity booster as well.