This Adjustable Desk Can Be Adjusted for Sitting and Standing Work

 - Apr 7, 2014
References: & gizmag
StandDesk is an adjustable desk whose height can be changed to accommodate seated and standing work. This adjustable desk can be adjusted to heights anywhere between 71 and 114 centimeters. It weighs 61 kg and can hold up to 102 kg of weight.

The StandDesk adjustable desk has a custom motor that does the lifting and lowering, with these movements being tested 10,000 times by the desk's makers to ensure that they work reliably.

The desk has a set of controls that can be used to lift and lower it. The basic StandDesk model has buttons for lifting and lowering. The more expensive models are equipped with memory controls -- users can pre-program four different height settings which they can easily access using preset buttons.