'Acting Future' Images the Future in Reverse

 - Nov 26, 2014
References: annabelmiedema & itsnicethat
Netherlands-based photographer Annabel Miedema explores the family form and domestic sphere in her latest series 'Acting Future.'

Described as an "experimental journey," the series links the future and past in a strange, yet enchanting way. The concept of the project is as follows: it's the future, time has collapsed and the cultural preferences and behaviors of the 1960s and 70s have come back into fashion.

In this future, Miedema envisions herself living, once again, with her family, and there would be an emphasis on doing things together -- eating as a family, listening to music -- and helping one another out. Though abstract, the concept links beautifully to Meidema's images, which depict some seriously weird scenes: a family of four tucked in bed, for instance, or a long-limbed girl pouring tea from underneath a sheet.