$4,200 Go-Kart- Ace Sports Pilot

 - Nov 24, 2007   Updated: Mar 31 2011
References: bornrich.org
Gone are the custom-built go-kart days of orange crates mounted on two-by-fours that were nailed to an old pair of roller skates and equipped with bicycle handle bars, cigar labels, and real raccoons' tails. Now, we have hi-tech go-karts that are sleek and capable of speeds up to 46 mph. The modern marvels are priced at $4,200.

Implications - In today's digital age, even the most old-fashioned of pop culture staples is likely to receive a technological update. This hi-tech go-kart is a perfect example, serving as a commentary on how times have changed since childhood. This may be alarming to parents looking to develop their child's creative capabilities, as the concept of creation diminishes and is replaced by pre-packaged products.