Internal Landscapes by Samantha Keely Smith is Full of Moody Imagery

 - Oct 14, 2014
References: samanthakeelysmith & thisiscolossal
Utterly gorgeous, this collection of abstract ocean paintings is as mesmerizing as the ebb and flow of an actual body of water. Although much more interpretative in terms of color and form, the overall imagery depicts the tumultuous side of this waterscape in a way that will awe and even frighten audiences. After all, the ocean may be beautiful, but it is also full of dangers that many could never anticipate.

Created by Samantha Keely Smith, the series of abstract ocean paintings was created using oil paint, enamel and shellac. This is Colossal writes, "Smith uses an additive and subtractive process by partially destroying her progress several times before completion." In a way, this process mimics the movement of the ocean itself.