Fighting Against Distorted Images of Women in the Media

 - May 6, 2007
About Face is a unique website trying to promote awareness and combat the media's distortion of women in advertising. The site features responsible advertisers and a "worst offenders" list, which is extensive!

The Worst Offenders List is mostly populated by clothing designers. The way these companies target young women and girls to objectify is pretty eye-opening. Women in these ads are used as objects (mostly by men), in some cases physically and sexually assaulted (promoting violence against women), shown in anorexic states (giving girls the idea unreal body types are cool) all to sell clothing.

One company Sisley is frequently on their list as a repeat offender for continuously pushing the envelope with their advertising. Interestingly enough, I went to Sisley's website and they sell a line of children's clothing featuring several cute little children modeling their clothes. Their parents must think this company's advertising is pretty sweet to let them pose for this designer. You've probably already seen some of these advertisements, but there are a whole slew of them you most likely haven't, so it's worth going over there to have a look.