The Abnormal Psych Test Examines the Brain in an Innovative Way

 - Jan 17, 2013
References: yanseldesigns & yankodesign
The designer of the Abnormal Psych Test describes four different tests that neuropsychologists use to diagnose their patients. The proposal that he's put forth combines each of them in one machine to make the process of understanding the brain significantly more efficient and potentially more thorough.

This is a cutting-edge concept device that projects a hologram directly upwards to produce a cluster of points in the air. The patient must use his finger to join the dots while the gadget assesses and stores information on his trail making abilities. An ink blot category exam can also be administered through Yansel Herrera's Abnormal Psych Test. The abstract image is cast directly onto the tabletop. The finger tapping and tactile tests can too be better refined through this 3D-projected method.